Obesity and its effect on the number of male sperm

male spermObesity can cause many problems in men and women. Excessive fat content in women can cause hormonal changes. Women will experience menstrual disorders every month and the possibility of interference with the egg cell will be large. Women with this condition will find it hard to get conception.

In line with what women experience. Overweight in men also causes a lot of problems such as a significant decrease in testosterone levels, decreased muscle work, and a decrease in the quality of sperm. Is it true that obesity causes sperm to decline in quality, including decreasing the amount?

Effect of obesity on male fertility

Obesity instantly will cause a decrease in testosterone in the body. This decrease indirectly makes the sperm produced will not be much. From several studies conducted, it was found that the number or concentration of sperm in every milliliter of semen. Normally sperm in 15 million semen per military semen. Less than this, sperm quality will be low.

In addition to causing the number of sperm to decrease, there is a possibility that sperm will experience interference while moving. The motility or speed of the moving sperm will decrease. If this condition occurs in many cells, the possibility of sperm moving to the cervix then continues to the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Furthermore, sperm that comes out of obese men will also experience interference when fertilizing. As a result, the fertilized egg will not be able to develop maximally so that when implantation will be disrupted. The chance for a fetal miscarriage is also higher if the sperm is not qualified.

Male overweight and sexual function

Obesity that occurs in men can cause a decrease in sexual function. This decrease in sexual function indirectly also causes a decrease in sperm fertilization of the egg. Here are some of the effects of obesity on male sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction

Men who are overweight will often experience erectile dysfunction. The difficulty of getting this erection makes it difficult for men to penetrate. Some men may experience an erection, but will not be maximal and easily experience a decrease in violence due to impaired blood flow.

Premature ejaculation

A man can experience sexual dysfunction in the form of premature ejaculation. This disorder can occur because obesity disrupts the function in the pelvis. Pelvic muscles that regulate ejaculation in men experience interference so that the pleasure obtained will decrease. In addition, the possibility of women not being sexually satisfied is also high.

Disorders of the prostate

Men who are obese will have fat deposits in the area of the buttocks and abdomen. This buildup can compress the prostate area so that men can experience irritation that is quite disturbing. Disorders of the prostate can cause pain when ejaculation occurs.

A significant decrease in libido

Obesity affects the levels of testosterone in the body. A decrease will occur and cause libido from men to also decrease. Decreasing libido in men can cause the quantity and quality of partner sex to drop.

How to restore male fertility

Male fertility can be restored again by doing a number of things below.

  • Routine exercise every day. Sports that are highly recommended are lifting weights and certain types of cardio such as running fast or running intervals.
  • Regulate diet so that there is a deficit every day. Adjusting your diet will reduce fat levels.
  • Improve sanitation of the penis.
  • Use comfortable panties and outside and do not cause temperature rise.
  • Here are some things you should know about male fertility, obesity, and the number of sperm that you have. Hopefully, the above review can be used as a useful reference.
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